Our Story

In the digital age, we needed a website. So we signed up for the largest free DIY service on the internet.

Turned out, drag-and-drop looked awful and to make our website look decent, it was going to cost us over $4500 for a “professional consultant” and “plugins.”

This is the most common story on the web.

After growing frustrated, we began planning in 2017 for a way to standardize the information that professional artists and personalities can present themselves on the web with minimal cost and minimum effort.

We came up with Virtual Headshot. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and we provide you with personalized service while providing you with the best standardized presence on the web.

We hope that your Virtual Headshot experience is a great one and that one day, we will make Hollywood, Broadway, and every show across the planet more green by bringing headshots into the digital age while providing artists of all kinds a way to present themselves, their art, their performances, and their services to the public in a sleek, easy to use format.

Welcome to Virtual Headshot.  For Artists, By Artists.

Choose us to create your Virtual Headshot and take your professional presence to the next level!

We are a team of dedicated entrepreneurs ready to help you take control of your professional presence on the web.


Michael Smith

Lead Designer


Lara Stanford

HR Manager


Miranda Thomas

Web Designer


Nico Albarado

Web Designer


Our Mission is to provide you with a professional and easy to use website that takes control of your digital presence on the web. We do the work so that you can focus on what is important to you: your art and career.

Virtual Headshot is trusted by artists, agents, and professionals from around the world.


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